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Why Should Your Business have a Chatbot?

To scale up your operations – When someone decides to engage with the bot, that person will receive replies almost instantly, dramatically reduces wait times.

You need to drive up organizational efficiency – Chatbot can handle more than one person at a time. In fact, there is no limit to the number of people that engage with the bot at any given time. As a result, reduced wait times and faster problem-solving.

Chatbots are significantly less expensive to build than full applications, and the ideas are endless

Chatbots will learn from what people input into it. For example, if someone orders a Pizza from the Pizza Hut bot on either Twitter or Facebook, the bot will remember what that person ordered and will ask if he’d like to order it the next time he returns to the bot.

You are looking for an interactive marketing platform

You are selling to the millennials

You get a lot of queries from your customers

What we offer View More

  • Chatbot Framework as an Ecosystem
  • Chatbot Administration, Analytics & Reporting
  • Integrate with any CRM Solution through Oauth & standard authorization mechanisms
  • Training & Customization for a Business Use case in about 2-3 weeks.
  • Standalone Live Agent Application
  • Integrate with any Lead Management & Ticketing Solution
  • Conversational Bots– Conversational-hybrid UI that interacts with users, combining chat, voice, or any other natural language interface with graphical UI elements like buttons, images, menus, videos, etc
  • NLP-Artificial intelligence technology that aims to interpret, to recognize, and understand user request in the form of free language.

Ready Usecases

  • Lead Management Bots
  • Customer Support Bots
  • Bot as a Managed Service
  • Live Agent Support
  • Ticketing System Support
  • CRM Support

Custom Usecases

  • Integrations with existing System
  • Custom implementations
  • Feasibility Study & Consultancy
  • Proof Of Concept

IBM Watson

Most of the chatbots we have developed are built over IBM WATSON.

With this we are able to quickly build, deploy, and optimize chatbots for your business.

We are one of the early adopters of WATSON Technology and one of the partners with IBM as well.

We are working together with IBM to transform the lives of our customers with intelligent software solutions.