IOTA’s Masked Authenticated Messaging

We have been reviewing IOTA for what it does, and how it is progressing and I have to agree that there have been some impressive findings. Everything with IOTA seems to be very simple when compared to protocols of blockchains, but somehow IOTA has managed to take these seemingly simple things and use them to build design solutions for complex problems. For example, IOTA has been able to take on Digital Identity using MAM’s mechanics such as Forward-Secrecy and Chain-Splitting.

I have designed an introductory presentation covering MAM and its prominent use-cases.

IOTA has a lot in its pipeline at the moment. MAM – Masked Authenticated Messaging, is one of its most anticipated module with some interesting real-world applications. Though still in beta, it has already seen use cases in embedded ecosystems and many of the prominent industry players are exploring its benefits. It is highly likely that its Data Marketplace will become a real thing in the near future. This presentation is my initial take on covering the MAM at an abstract level, without getting too much into the technical details.

True, IOTA still needs to figure out the complexities with Tangle first, but maybe the data marketplace can be a gateway to mass adoption of the Tangle, synergizing their efforts towards global acceptance of both.

Image Source: Paul Handy on Medium