Selecting appropriate partitioning strategy in Task Parallel Library- Part I

When you supply any data to a parallel loop in Task Parallel Library (TPL), it is automatically broken into partitions and these partitions are allocated to tasks. Otherwise if loops were to pick each Read More[...]

HDInsight: Installation on Windows platform

Guide for starting with HDInsight on windows Installing HDInsight on windows: HDInsight installer is powered by Microsoft Web Platform Installer. To download it you can use the following link: After Read More[...]

Microsoft’s Big Data Initiative with Apache Hadoop, HIVE and PIG

Big data:                                                               Nowadays the hottest topic of discussion in the technology world Read More[...]

Windows Phone 8 – Architecture, App model and Navigation

Many of us want to see whats new in Windows Phone 8 and how Microsoft wants to find its place in the cut throat world of mobile applications. No more endless searches to find the answer. The Windows Phone team at Paxcel is gonna come up with a series of presentations and blogs. This is the first in series of such presentations. Read More[...]

Opting for right WPF Application Type

WPF unlocks the full power of a Windows PC for building rich desktop software. There is no Windows software requirement that WPF cannot satisfy. Major software applications like Visual Studio are built with WPF, proving its capability for even the biggest projects. This blog summarises type, advantages and disadvantages of different types of WPF App and would help us choosing where to opt which . Read More[...]

Tuple types in .Net Framework 4.0

Tuple types are present in functional languages like Haskell and also in dynamic languages like Python. F# also has its language specific implementation of Tuple types from version 1.0. With the release of .Net Framework 4.0, Tuples have been added to Base Class Library which will surely be better than language specific implementation. Read More[...]