Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis on E-Commerce Reviews

This blog is an introduction to the series of ABSA. The basic idea of this blog is to give a basic understanding of Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (referred as ABSA) and why it's gaining popularity among Read More[...]

Teaching machines to read minds and give shopping recommendations(using Mahout)

Mahout is a Java API provided by “Apache” for implementing Machine Learning algorithms. At present this API provides implementations for classification ,clustering and recommendations.Recommendations are used for computing user personalization Read More[...]

Promotions / Coupons on order amount in Ofbiz for eCommerce sites

One of my previous blogs explains how to create coupons or promotions applicable on products. The current blog will help to create promotions or coupons on total order amount. We would do that through creation of rules with conditions and actions. Read More[...]

Promotions / Coupons Creation in Ofbiz for eCommerce sites

Apache Open For Business (Apache OFBiz) is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It provides a suite of enterprise applications that integrate and automate many of the business processes of an enterprise including eCommerce operations. In this blog we concentrate on creating many types of promotions or coupons in ofbiz for e-commerce sites. Read More[...]