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AWS Security

AWS Security

Amazon Web service is the most secure cloud till date. Cloud security at AWS is at the highest priority. In this blog you will get to know how AWS prefers security as its highest priority and the observations which the Amazon team has made to fulfill the security needs for its users.

AWS Lambda

Ethics of AWS Lambda

While considering AWS Lambda as a service we should be aware of its ethics. To know more about it let us consider some of the following value points – 1. When you have to access your resources from lambda (such ec2, rds running under VPC), you have to configure AWS…


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment

As you can see in above image what constitutes continuous integration and what in continuous delivery/deployment. The only difference between continuous delivery and continuous deployment is continuous delivery requires…


I worked with a group of Developers/Testers at Paxcel for around two years and had great luck with them. Other groups I have worked with would just code to specifications knowing that the solution was not going to work or would not be a good solution. They went beyond the normal ”you design we code” to a working relationship just like a local developer. They were able to take an incomplete specification with few screen mockups and code them giving updates and screen shots. When problems in the specification were pointed out a solution was almost always offered. Their insights were a welcome and went right to the crux of the problem. I enjoyed working with them would like to do so in the future.

Todd Sieland-Peterson

Vice President of Commerce Science Corp.
We have been working with Paxcel for 3+ years. From start to present they consistently prove themselves to be a valuable part of our worldwide development team. They are technically knowledgeable, provide creative solutions, deliver quality work, and are highly responsive. They are a great pleasure to work with at every level of the company, and across every type of project: from small to full life-cycle application development.

CEO A Global Media Software Company

Headquartered in NY
Though they are technically an outside contractor, Paxcel is a true partner in our success. They provide development resources with a broad range of skills, and the dedication level of Paxcel engineers rises to what an organization would hope to see from their own employees. While it is always a challenge to cross oceans and languages, the Paxcel team works very hard to meet these challenges.

Eric Chaikin

Product Manager, Chaikin Power Tools
Paxcel has been a trusted development partner of ours for the last 4 and a 1/2 years, responsible for design and development of some of the most technically challenging components of our next generation Market Data System. We see an important and significant role for Paxcel in our growth plans.

Dennis Cassidy

CEO, Quodd
Paxcel has proven to be a very cost effective way of supplementing my internal group and their work ethic has been exceptional (replying to e-mail messages on weekends, early and late nights, etc). I truly consider the Paxcel team not so much as a "external contracting house" - but as an integral part of my in-house technology team. The running "joke" internally is that due to the time difference between India and the United States, they are my "elves" - I can give them a task before I go to bed, and when I wake up, the work is finished. This has allowed us to work on projects pretty much around the clock during critical release schedules. Without a doubt, they have allowed Smith Micro to ship far more technology, in a shorter time frame than could have been done without them.

Darryl Lovato

Vice President, Advanced Technology, Smith Micro