Our Offerings

Over the last 13 years we have gained expertise in providing following services
Over 30 Innovative and High performance Enterprise web products delivered till date.

Interactive, Responsive UI

MVVM Patterns used using Knockout.js, backbone.js, rapid UI using bootstrap.js, dojo.js

High Performance

We help our clients build Real time applications. Our expertise on High performance Enterprise application development likes:

  • Session replicated clusters for horizontal scalability.
  • IIS, Tomcar, Websphere ND clusters.
  • Sharded Databases
  • Replicated key value stores for dynamic cache
  • In memory database, VoltDB.
  • Optimized UI controls, with Ajax, for faster page load times, Database clusters.

Digital Security & Privacy

Application Security is a key consideration for us right from the word go. We understand the sensitivity our client data. We have successfully developed and deployed Secure Enterprise applications running in New York Stock Exchange.

Our team of security experts work day in and day out to ensure client data is protected against all security threats like SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Cookie Hijacking, Broken authentication and Session Management, Denial of service attacks, Man in the middle attacks.

Our team is well versed in :

  • Solutions for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA
  • IBM Data Power, Protection against OWASP top-ten list.
  • User Authentication and Authorization using OAuth 2.0, Apache Shiro, Spring 3.0, ASP.net provider

Rapid Prototyping, Development

We understand the importance of Prototypes & POC’s for our clients. We focus on latest technologies that help us develop rapid prototypes. We have gained expertise by providing –

  • Innovative solutions using Google App Scripting and Google Docs, and Google Apps engine. Power of Google’s Scalable and Highly Available PAAS
  • Rapid UI using bootstrap.js, dojo.js
  • Zkoss UI library come in handy for faster Prototypes

Smart Search and Recommendation

Apache Solr, Apache Mahout.

Prefabricated Components

Accelerate product development with our reusable components. We understand the importance of delivering fast and over the years we have developed many reusable components. Gaining mastery over Apache Ofbiz ERP puts our clients ahead of their competition.

We offer ready to use Accounting, Inventory, Asset Management, Procurement, CMS, XML based Rules Engine , Project and Task Management. We also have a sound knowledge of Apache Shiro User Management.

Development Process

We follow feature driven Agile Development process, Our tool Drutas helps in capturing ideas, collaboration using Google tools, Active prioritization, Release and Spring Management and Bug/Issue Management using easy to use UI.


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