Alone we are smart together we are brilliant.

We at Paxcel have always believed in working as a team giving collaborative effort in all our projects

  • Thinking and brainstorming ideas to provide solutions
  • A strong sense of purpose
  • Equal participation

We thought of taking this approach to the next level & helping companies follow this approach. Also, addressing the challenges a company can face while implementing a collaborative working approach. we tried to solve this problem by bring our own Project management to name “Drutas”.

Drutas is derived from a Sanskrit word “Drutam” which means agility and Drutas is a collaborative Agile Product Development Tool.

Drutas is trying to make agile development easy, usable, stable & should be able to fit any business culture & managing project expectation.

We at “Drutas” are trying to solve problems an Agile software product development team faces, we are doing it with regular feedbacks as the teams use Drutas for their product development processes.

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