QA Services

QA Services

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Automated Testing

Automated Testing creates a high productivity environment for organizations without requiring additional resources. It gives you power and speed to perform regression testing.

It gives you benefits like

  • Productivity – Saves a lot of your time and efforts in regression testing.
  • Unattended tests – Lengthy tests that are often avoided during manual testing can be run unattended.
  • Any time 24/7 and saves Time and Money
  • Across multiple platforms and browsers simultaneously
  • Accuracy and Increased Test Coverage

We use Selenium to automate all our web application testing. Selenium is free, open source tool that supports wide range of programing language like Java, c#, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, javascript and Platforms- Windows, OS and Linux.

Manual Testing

Applications will always be used by Humans and we know the importance of manual testing to understand the human behavior and response to an application to make sure we deliver best quality.

We strongly believe that effective testing is best achieved through a combination of manual and automated tests. It is a myth that automation eradicates the need for manual testing. Creating exhaustive Test Cases manually is necessary before anything else.

Security Testing

Our quality team is well equipped with Security testing of all critical applications. These include

  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL injection
  • Server misconfigurations
  • Form/hidden field manipulation
  • Command injection
  • Cookie poisoning
  • Weak session management
  • Buffer overflows
  • Forceful browsing
  • And many more ..

Mobile Testing

Today Mobile apps are inherent part of any Enterprise solution. For all iOS and Android app test automations our chosen tool is Appium. It is a free, open source, simple-to-use tool with incredible power.

Manual testing is always handy and covers all features of the app. We make sure apps run on multiple versions of iOS and Android.

API Testing

API testing is one of the most powerful testing methodologies for code verification, finding defects much earlier in the process rather than finding it on the user interface at the end. Our tools of choice

  • Rest API testing – POSTMAN and JMeter
  • SOAP based Services – SOAPUI

Certified Testing Professionals

Most of our QA Team members are certified professionals (like ISTQB Benchmark) and you can be assured that they know their job well.

Bug Reporting

We understand the value of clear communication when it comes to bug reporting and tracking. We know how important it is to give all parties a clear understanding of the Quality checks performed.

We use open source tools like Bugzilla and Mantis for bug reporting. And are open to using any third party tool as per a project’s needs.
We back ourselves for our detailed and clear bug reporting. We emphasize on steps to reproduce a bug with screenshot, videos.