Fleet Tracking Solution

Fleet Tracking Solution

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Our Solution

Paxcel Technologies has developed a solution for security companies to track the performance and timeliness of the employees remotely. Our solution has been incorporated with geo fencing technology for managing the operations of security guards, supervisors and other employees, that can be centrally managed and monitored by administrative team.
Key Features

  • Live location tracking and analysis.
  • Role based security for managing the web/mobile application.
  • Notification Panel for assignments, locations and ability to navigate to that location.



  • Built over highly scalable and robust cloud platform.
  • Developed over top notch technologies.
  • Dynamic in terms of access control, managing the master data and usage.


  • Our applications are fast, multilingual, role based and focusses on usability.
  • Gives actionable insights of duty performance in order to take corrective measures.
  • Easy communication and operational channel between employees and admin team.
  • Keeps admin team updated on the assigned location of resources.