We exist to bring Innovative Technological Solutions to Life


BoXupp, our own product built using open source tools like Puppet and Vagrant gives you great power to bring up your infrastructure from scratch to production ready with in a very short duration.

It offers following

  • Web UI over Vagrant for creating virtual machines to help DevOps create machine in more easy way
    Integration with provisioning software like Puppet, Chef to make life easy of DevOps for configuring machines
  • Integration with GIT to keep the work shared and saved
  • Aimed to be a complete environment management solution reaching out on everything which Provisioning tools have to offer.
  • All tools mentioned above lack an easy to use GUI interface which works seamlessly with each other / without acquiring the knowledge of various tools first.


Our RnD team is working dedicatedly on productivity tools to enhancing services for our clients. Puppet is one such tool that reduces initial setup and deployment time.

It is IT automation software that helps system administrators manage infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and reporting.

Cloud based infrastructure are quite common these days and with Puppet you can give systems administrators the operational agility, efficiency, and insight they need to manage dynamic infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud.


Bring up VMs with a minimal effort using this tool. We are using it to create and configure reproducible and portable development environments.

It helps in bring up your server infrastructure from a simple file.

  • Works with many providers like VirtualBox, AWS, VMWare Fusion etc
  • Creates a commonly shared single consistent file which describes all the environment dependencies etc
  • Uses pre-configured base machine images using which the whole environment is up and running in minutes
  • Simple commands like ‘Vagrant UP’ deploy the complete environment easily within no time

CI with Jenkins

We are experts in using Jenkins. We are using it since when it was called Hudson. All our projects are built using Jenkins.

We understand the tedious task of deployment process

  • Checking out code from Code repository
  • Build it using Maven/Ant
  • Integrate with Sonarcube to check code quality.
  • Run Junit test cases
  • Deploying it on remote server

We can automate all for you using Jenkin’s Continuous Integration tool. It is an open source tool to automate and centralize the process of deployment.