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Our Experience

Ecommerce Systems

Product Listing, Shopping Cart, Bar/QR Code Scan, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Wallet, Payment Gateway etc.

Location Tracking, Geo-fencing

Geofencing creation and monitoring through advanced administration panel, push notifications and alerts.

Enterprise Mobile App Development

Experience needed to build enterprise mobile application which are scalable, secure and use advanced analytics.

Financial Markets

Financial, stock market application development to display real time data feeds, custom components for visualization.

Payment Gateway Integration

Secure Mobile Payment Gateway Integration solutions using Payment Gateways such as HDFC, ICICI, Axis, Citibank EBS, ATOM, Paypal etc.

Video Streaming

Uses Native Controls like Camera, SurfaceView etc. for Live streaming of places, people, your baby from one smartphone to other.


  • Real-Time Generation, Ingestion of Events
  • Native (iOS, Android) and Hybrid Development
  • E-commerce application development using CMS Shopify/Magento(2.0)
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Social Network integration (Facebook , Twitter , Gmail )
  • XMPP, TCP , MQTT based communication (Chat, Location sharing and more)
  • Geofence Monitoring/Creation etc.
  • In-App Chat – Multi-Peer Connectivity Framework using Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth.
  • Photo Editing Framework
  • Video Editing Framework
  • Augmented Reality
  • Apple Watch Integration
  • Graph Visualizations

Client Success Stories

To know more about how we have helped create success stories for our clients.


1. Native iOS – iPhone and iPad

  • Native Frameworks such as Cocoa Touch layer, Media Layer, Core Services Layer, Core OS Layer.
  • In-App purchase, iAD’s,
  • Apple Push notification,
  • Passbook integration,
  • Internationalization of application.
  • Touch ID Integration
  • SiriKit Integration.
  • Motion Detection.

2. Native Android

  • Ok Google : To enable Siri like functionality in an application.
  • Push Notification
  • In App purchase
  • Zbar SDK: TO handle and create all type barcode’s and QR code inside the application.
  • Flurry/Mix Panel: For application usage analytics.
  • New Relic Framework: For app performance monitoring.
  • To provide online chat support inside the application.
  • Crash detection for application performance
  • SQLlite for local storage

3. Hybrid, Cross-Platform Development

  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • Cordova
  • Xamarin

4. Enterprise Mobility – IBM MobileFirst

IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation is one of the best Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platforms. We are one of the very few specialized IBM Partners for Enterprise Mobile Development.

We have built solutions for government and private enterprises, provided consultancy and delivered products.

Our IBM MobileFirst Experience includes

  • Setting up Mobile First Platform on WAS Liberty Profile & Windows Server
  • Ionic Cordova Based Hybrid Application Development with latest plugins for iOS, Windows & Android platforms.
  • Experience of developing HTTP and SQL Adapters both in Javascript & java
  • SQL Adapters with DB2 & MySql
  • Google OAuth & Facebook OAuth Integration
  • Experience of handling offline data on devices with JSON Stores, complex & large data sets
  • Offline – Online Sync, handling network failure scenarios
  • Custom Client & Server Analytics Dashboards
  • Custom Client & Server Analytics Dashboards
  • Push notifications for Apple(APN), Windows(WNS) & Google(earlier GSM & now Firebase)
  • Device Security & Authentication
  • Alert Management for Monitoring
  • Integrating applications with cloudant
  • Application Center for Authenticated App Distribution
  • SOA governance using IBM WSRR
  • IBM Data power configuration
  • IBM WAS ND cluster configuration