My road to #IDF

Since my beginning with block-chains last year, I’ve been on a roller coaster ride. For someone who went through his engineering course without reading a single book since 2013, reading lengthy white papers and articles was not interesting at any level.

But today, after doing in depth research on Ethereum, EOS and IOTA networks, inventing and implementing our very own Paxcoin, developing various proof-of-concepts on these decentralized networks, block-chain is no longer a mystery for me as well as my fellow Paxcelites.

I’m writing this article while waiting for my flight for India Dapp Fest, 2019. If you had me asked a year before, if I see myself being part of such an event, I would have dismissed you with a chuckle.

Starting with long Coursera videos on hashing and cryptography, I got the courage to read through the white paper of Ethereum. As I read, I got more and more involved. I developed the block-chain vocab and was soon building stupid programs in Solidity.

With huge hopes, I undertook the task of reinventing my ambitious college love, the Township. The monopoly board game I spent months on building, and spent many more months playing it with friends and against it’s very own AI (more details in the projects section on my LinkedIn). But soon I hit the roadblock, and it was a dead-end, as soon as I moved to mainnet.

Nobody wants to play a monopoly which takes 10 minutes to buy a property block. I was actually sad. So it meant, that I needed a hybrid solution, but what’s the fun in building that?

This is when I realized, after 6 months of research, that YOU CANNOT SPRINKLE BLOCKCHAIN ON EVERYTHING. It is a solution, not the panacea.

My search for better speed ended on EOS. And oh yes, I love it! Not that it’s perfect, but who is?

No, I wasn’t going to write the Township code 3rd time in C++. I love my Township, but I’m not that crazy about it. I needed something, bigger and better, which actually exploited the block-chain. Then came the idea of Paxcoin.

After that, my block-chain research had a name – Paxcoin. We learnt, planned, designed and build. While writing this article, Paxcoin contracts are under alpha testing on jungle net, while we are building the services around it.

Then what? Then came IOTA. Oh! it’s beautiful. After spending months on 1D block-chains, getting “entangled” with the Tangle was refreshing and challenging. It was undoubtedly more complex than classic block-chains. Yes! it’s 2019 and I’m already calling block-chains “a classic”.

Oh we had to scratch our heads getting through the Tangle. And we are smart people, so it’s not a cake walk. One funny thing, every time I say or write word “tangle” Ultron comes to my mind 🙂

There are no strings on me

Yes, I’m a Marvel fan. Love you 3000

Now this event as arrived at just the right time. As always, with no expectations and hopes, I’m going there with my gut and yeah, it’s gonna be fun.