Communication Skills – How I understand it ..

With Humans, Be a human

Every stakeholder in an organization, product, project, family is a human. Every human is different, with his own aspirations, fallibility, egos etc. Effective Communication is the single aspect which connects everybody. But there cannot be a written rule or one-size-fits all. I think its important to be an understanding human to be an effective communicator.

For long, I have been of the opinion that


Then comes, What is Communication Skill?

Communication Skill is

  • A Professional Responsibility

Showing Integrity in personal & professional conduct with colleagues and clients
Resolving conflict of interest, with a sense of purpose
Professional Knowledge
    Industry / Domain Knowledge
    Laws / Regulations Compliance
Dealing with confidential information, company data, IP

  • Being able to understand the psyche of your colleague, client and be able to talk in his “language”
  • Spending Time Building Relationships of Trust
  • Respecting Cultural Differences
  • Good Performance Reporting
  • Effective Change Management

Communicating changes early
Not being defensive, but assertive, if needed.

As always, happy to hear from you about what you feel about the question.

2 thoughts on “Communication Skills – How I understand it ..

  1. I feel body language plays a major part in the communication skills. Without proper confidence nothing can be done and it comes after lots of practice and experience.

    What do you say?

  2. Thats a great comment Sanjay..

    Body Langauge is an important communication skill which gets to the other person subsconsciously..

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