Opting for right WPF Application Type

WPF unlocks the full power of a Windows PC for building rich desktop software. There is no Windows software requirement that WPF cannot satisfy. Major software applications like Visual Studio are built with WPF, proving its capability for even the biggest projects. This blog summarises type, advantages and disadvantages of different types of WPF App and would help us choosing where to opt which . Read More[...]

Tuple types in .Net Framework 4.0

Tuple types are present in functional languages like Haskell and also in dynamic languages like Python. F# also has its language specific implementation of Tuple types from version 1.0. With the release of .Net Framework 4.0, Tuples have been added to Base Class Library which will surely be better than language specific implementation. Read More[...]

Sharing DataContract across WCF Services without distributing separate copies to the client

How to share DataContract across WCF Services without distributing separate copies to the client? It can be achieved by compiling the DataContract into its own assembly and then distribute this assembly to the client. Read More[...]

Extending Transaction Scope to Non-Database Transactions using Resource Manager

Implementing a reliable application which can roll back on failures for non-database operations is every organization’s need. .Net Framework provides an extensible framework to maintain non-db operations in a transaction by creating the custom resource manager. Read More[...]

Expectations from Hadoop On Azure

Microsoft has launched hadoop on its cloud platform Azure. So I , along with Pushpinder Singh and Sukhjot Singh here in our Paxcel Labs ,analyzed what hadoop on Azure offers to the market. Right now Microsoft has not launched HOA(Hadoop on Azure) for all, but they give access to use it in their test environments through invitation only. After getting access we started exploring it. Read More[...]