The new SpagoBI (version 3.6.0) – Installation instructions and Troubleshooting

SpagoBI released their new version i.e. 3.6.0 with more enhancements and bug fixes on Oct 22 last month. This tool is becoming more popular worldwide now, and user will get the new version more attractive and stronger from the last version. Read More[...]

Query HIVE on Hadoop on Azure (HOA) using C#

Hive is an open-source data warehousing solution built on top of Hadoop. It supports queries expressed in SQL like declarative language – HiveQL, which are compiled into map-reduce jobs that are executed Read More[...]

SpagoBIMobileEngine: Bringing Business Intelligence to mobile devices

It is not surprising for Business owners to think of taking business decisions right from their gadgets with which they spend most of their time these days. Be it I-Pads, Tablets or the Smart phones, they are all part of our life now. What if those BI Reports you see in your browsers are made available on your I-Pad!.... I know you must be thinking there are many such applications, but what about an Open Source application which has provision for rich controls. Lets see what SpagoBIMobileEngine offers. Read More[...]

Things to know about ETL in Business Intelligence(BI)

ETL is shortened form of EXTRACT, TRANSFORM, LOAD. It is a process or method in which data gets extracted from a source through different means, changed (transformed ) as per specific need and the changed ( transformed ) data is loaded to another system, mostly known as target system. Read More[...]