AWS Security

Amazon Web service is the most secure cloud till date. Cloud security at AWS is at the highest priority.

In this blog you will get to know how AWS prefers security as its highest priority and the observations which the Amazon team has made to fulfill the security needs for its users.

1) In Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (V.P.C) network firewalls are built into it so that no unauthorized user can access it. Also, AWS Web Application Firewall (W.A.F) has a capability to create private network and control the access of the instances and applications.

2) AWS provides connectivity options to private or devoted connections enabling them from any environment either office or on-premises.

3) Your details with Amazon are safe and they are not socialized until you yourself don’t permit to do so. Amazon asks customers before socializing content information.

4) The NSA analyst has access to inquire raw signal intelligence databases by which they can enter and get results for anything they want but Amazon has never participated in NSA’s Prism program. Amazon has also challenged governmental subpoenas. Amazon has also advised the congress to upgrade the privacy laws. The standard law is been followed by Amazon Web Service.

5) The law enforcement agencies investigate criminal and terrorist activities which is opposed by Amazon Web Service as they believe that prohibiting security or encryption technologies would affect the security of the systems or services which AWS users use. On the other hand Amazon Web Service offers strong encryption as one of the security features. The users may manage the encryption by the help of encryption key provided by Amazon.

6) Amazon Web Service is a secure and certified cloud under Safe Harbor Framework. They are certified internationally and have recognized accreditation compliance with third-party assurance frameworks.

7) AWS clients have control over their content and where it resides.