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Over the last 13 years we have gained expertise in providing following services
We, at Paxcel Technologies assures companies to rationalise and find a way to analyse the Big Data you have and turn it into useful information for your business.

The way we understand it

High Velocity Data Stream - QUODD

Financial Market Data Analysis wherein we have a challenge to provide appropriate sink for the high speed feed from various stock exchanges without any loss.

Volume (reporting, graphing etc) – Survey Data

BIG DATA is there to be utilized for analysis and generally we end up analyzing terabytes & terabytes of data.

Complex calculations over data (predictions)

One of the other challenges of BIG DATA which somehow isn't well understood is the need to tackle the problem of CPU intensive calculations.

Variety - MM

Big data is available from wide variety of data sources and formats. Variety means structured(relational) and unstructured(logs, text, audio, video) data can coexist. Like on an e -commerce site, click analysis produces unstructured data and inventory, purchase history, user detail comes under structured data.

One of the biggest challenge is perform storage, conversion and analysis of variety of data simultaneously and extract information out of it.

Big Data and Hadoop Solution

Implementation of Big Data and Hadoop solutions will help your organization to expand and find various micro markets and can creates sales for your organization, as it helps in:

  • Improving business senses and dexterity
  • Reducing run times on the completing business analytics
  • Complete analytics on various versions of data sets, and thereby accommodating new data types

Hadoop on Azure(HOA) framework.

We are one of the early adopters of Hadoop on Azure(HOA) framework. Our belief is that the power of Hadoop over Azure will significantly widen the reach of Big Data.

Key Achievements

  • Analysis of Survey Data from over 3 million respondents with average 50,000 Q&As per survey
  • SQL Server based full-text search on more than 100 million records
  • High performance Real time applications with multiple updates in less than a second generating around 20 GB of daily data to be stored securely for over months
  • 85% improvement in bandwidth of a real time market data application with our compression algorithm R&D projects on Azure, Google cloud and Hadoop
  • We designed and developed prototype of an early fast search on Hadoop Cluster.
  • We integrated Mahout Recommendation engine, working over Hadoop cluster, in our Paxcom ECommerce Platform.
  • We used Reddis for high performance looks ups for Adserver, designed to support Billions of Impressions per month.


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