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Our Creations: Paxcel Lab

Our creative experiments with Products, Frameworks and components

Ecommerce : EStore, Order Fulfilment, Supply Chain Automation.
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Procurement
  • MarketPlace Integration
  • Powerful Analytics
..and lot more
DevOps : Repeatable development environment(s)
  • Easy configuration and provisioning using Vagrant, Puppet, Chef, Shell Scripts, Jenkins
  • Choice of provisioners
  • Inbuilt support for Revision Control platforms
  • Super-easy Web UI
..and lot more
Capital Markets : Building blocks for next generation trading solutions.
  • Next generation Market Data
  • HTML5, Websockets
  • iOS, Android
  • Trading
  • Portfolio Management
  • Big Data and Analytics
..and lot more
Recruitment : Hire for talent.
  • Online coding challange for screening Programmers
  • Easy admin control to invite candidates and Schedule tests
  • Custom Challenges - Combine Programming & Multiple choice Round
..and lot more
Payments : Merchant Acquiring Solutions, and Gifts and Loyalty cards
  • Merchant Agreements
  • Merchant Boarding
  • Residual Payouts
  • Terminal Downloads
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing & Settlement
..and lot more
Agile : Capture. Collaborate. Plan. Build
  • Capture Ideas, bugs, tasks using Easy to use cards and mind maps
  • Collaborate using powerful Google Apps
  • Easily Plan Tasks, priroities, releases and sprints using drag and drop UI.
  • Build using distributed task management, integrated bug tracking
..and lot more
Mobile Apps : Seamless live image streaming
  • Live Streaming on the Go
  • Customized Alerts
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Reliable Security, Greater Mobility
  • Investment Free
  • No Special Device needed
..and lot more
Mobile Apps : Never lose your way back again.
  • Launch the app with a touch!
  • Displays Distance travelled along with Speed.
  • Saves the travelled routes for future use.
  • Works on both Driving and Walking Mode
..and lot more

Our Joy: Featured client success stories

Our Play Yard : Tools and Technologies of our choice

  • Web Development

    Interactive HTML5 UI

    Free text Search - SOLR, MSSQL

    Real-time web - Kaazing, Signal R

    RAD - Zkoss, ASP.Net

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  • Mobile Development

    Native mobile apps - iOS, Android, Windows

    Enterprise mobility - IBM Worklight

    Open source cross platform- PhoneGap

    Mobile websites

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  • Big Data and BI

    Map Reduce on Hadoop Clusters

    Recommendation engine using Mahout

    Spago BI and MS SSRS

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  • QA Automation

    Quality Assurance

    Web App QA Automation - Selenium

    Mobile Testing Automation - MonkeyTalk

    Manual Testing- Multiple OS platforms & browsers

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  • Build and Infrastructure Management

    Build & Infrastructure Management

    Infrastructure automation - Vagrant & PuppetContinuous Integration - Jenkins

    Build Management - Maven

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  • Others

    Google App scripting

    SOA governance using IBM WSRR

    IBM Data power configuration

    IBM WAS ND cluster configuration

    Desktop Applications - WPF, Silverlight.

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